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Coleophora sternipennella (Zetterstedt, 1839) Species

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A very rare species in Belgium.


Family: Coleophoridae > Genus: Coleophora > Species: Coleophora sternipennella
Vernacular names
Ganzenvoetkokermot (NL), Speckled case-bearer (EN)
Coleophora flavaginella Lienig & Zeller, 1846
First mention in Belgium
Janmoulle E. 1954a. Espèces nouvelles pour la faune belge (suite). — Lambillionea 54: 3–4, 33–34, 57–58. On page 3.




The fore wings are ochreous brown till greyish brown, sometimes (when fresh) with a purplish shine. If there is a lighter costa-line, it is very indistinct. Sometimes there are lighter length lines with black stipples especially in the wing tip.
The antennae are ringed alternating dark brown and white, in seldom cases they are not ringed at all.
The wingspan is 9–14 mm.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

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The caterpillar makes a silken tubular case about 6–8 mm.
The mouth angle is 20–25°.
The case is greyish yellow with sand particles on it. There are also indistinct length lines. The case cannot reliably be distinguished from the one of C. saxicolella.
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At first the caterpillar makes a very little mine.

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The eggs are oviposited on a flower of the food plant. The young larvae make leaf mines in August. After making a little case the larvae live in the inflorescence, feeding on the developing fruits.
The larvae are fully grown in May of the second year.
Pupation takes place at ground level.

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Flight periods

They are on the wing from the end of June till the beginning of September.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Chenopodium album
Host plant (genera):
Chenopodium and Atriplex

They live on Atriplex, or Chenopodium. In Belgium Chenopodium album is taken the most.

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