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Nepticulidae Stainton, 1854 Family

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The Nepticulidae, cosmopolitan in distribution, comprise about 820 described species but probably many undescribed (van Nieukerken E. J., Kaila L., Kitching I. J., Kristensen N. P. (...) Yakovlev R. V., Zolotuhin V. V. & Zwick A. 2011: 213). They include the smallest Lepidoptera with an average wing span of 5–6 mm, in some species it is under 4 mm. The larvae of most species mine leaves.


Family: Nepticulidae
Vernacular names
Dwergmineermotten (NL), Pygmy leafmining moths (EN)
Species in Belgium

Direct lower taxa

Seq. # Name Vernacular names

Nepticulinae Stainton, 1854

Species in Belgium

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