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Paysandisia archon (Burmeister, 1880) Species

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A native species to Uruguay and central Argentina.


Family: Castniidae > Subfamily: Castniinae > Tribus: Gazerini > Genus: Paysandisia > Species: Paysandisia archon
Vernacular names
Palmmot (NL)


This species came to Europe in the 1990s with various loads of different palms from Argentina and quickly established itself here. The caterpillar lives exclusively in palm trees. Observations onwards from 2011 in different provinces.

For your information, to the best of our knowledge, the first 10 Belgian observations are listed here:
1) 1 ♀ on 10.ix.2011 at Hamme (OV), leg. R. Pletinck.
2) 2 ex. on 06.x.2012 at Beveren (OV), leg. D. Baert. (garden center)
3) 1 ex. on 25.vii.2017 at Doische (NA), leg. P. Wuine.
4) 1 ex. on 30.vii.20217 at Doische (NA), leg. P. Wuine.
5) 12 pupae and 1 ex. on 31.vii.2017 at Doische (NA), leg. S. Claerebout. (in trunk of Trachycarpus fortunei)
6) 5 ex. on 17.vii.2018 at Begijnendijk (VB), leg. D. Janousek. (garden center)
7) 1 ex. 09.viii.2018 at Watervliet (OV), leg. P. Fredrix.
8) 1 ex. on 14.viii.2020 at Veerle (AN), leg. H. Limet.
9) 1 ex. on 04.ix. 2021 at Eiseden (LI), leg. Natuurpunt Studie.
10) 1 ex. on 16.viii. 2022 at Oostende (WV), leg. P. Durinck.



Maggot-like and whitish.

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The larva pupates in a cocoon incorporating palm fibres within the larval gallery.

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Observed on

The larva feeds in stems and trunks of palms.

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