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Dryobota labecula (Esper, 1788) Species

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A new species for Belgium in 2020 in WV.


Family: Noctuidae > Subfamily: Xyleninae > Tribus: Xylenini > Genus: Dryobota > Species: Dryobota labecula
Vernacular names
Zuidelijk eikenuiltje (NL), Oak Rustic (EN), L'Ecu blanc (FR)
First mention in Belgium
Steeman C. & Sierens T. 2021. Interessante waarnemingen van Lepidoptera in België in 2020 — Phegea 49(2): 50–57. On page 54. view page


For your information, to the best of our knowledge, the first 10 Belgian observations (if any) are listed here:
1) 1 ex. on 10.xi.2020 at Heist (WV), leg. J. Debuck & V. Goethals.
2) 1 ex. on 19.x.2021 at Oostende (WV), leg. W. Decock.
3) 1 ex. on 01.xi.2022 at De Haan (WV), leg. J. Demey.
4) 1 ex. on 14.x. 2023 at Koksijde (WV), leg. J. Cooreman.



Wingspan: 27–32 mm.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature


Overwinters as an egg. The caterpillars rest for a long time in the cocoon and pupate not until August/September. The adults come to light.

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Flight periods

It is a very late autumn flyer, on the wing from October till December.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Quercus ilex
Host plant (genera):

The larval foodplant is evergreen oak.

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