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Caloptilia fribergensis (Fritzsche, 1871) Species

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Observed for the first time in Belgium in 2018 in LG.


Family: Gracillariidae > Subfamily: Gracillariinae > Tribus: Gracillariini > Genus: Caloptilia > Species: Caloptilia fribergensis
Vernacular names
Saksische esdoornsteltmot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
Wullaert S. 2019a. Resultaten van de Werkgroep Bladmineerders uit 2018 met meldingen van minerende en andere zeldzame Lepidoptera in België en met tien nieuwe soorten voor de Belgische fauna (Blastobasidae, Gelechiidae, Gracillariidae, Nepticulidae en Tortricidae). — Phegea 47(2): 30–46. On page 38. view page




Ground colour brown, a long, more or less triangular, yellowish spot along the costa, reaching till just before the apex. Some very small brownish spots along the costa.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature


Greyish yellow.

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Starting as a rather short, narrow, epidermal serpentine gallery on the underside of the leaf, the mine broadens into a small triangular blotch, most of the time in a vein axil.
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Pupation in a yellowish transparent cocoon.

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Later instars leave the mine and feed freely from a cone or a downwards folded leaf edge.

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Observed on

Host plant (species):
Acer monspessulanum and Acer pseudoplatanus

The species lives mainly on Acer monspessulanum, but has also been observed on Acer pseudoplatanus.

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