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Eupithecia cauchiata (Duponchel, 1831) Species

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This very rare and local species has not seen in the southern part of Belgium for quite some time.


Family: Geometridae > Subfamily: Larentiinae > Tribus: Eupitheciini > Genus: Eupithecia > Species: Eupithecia cauchiata
Vernacular names
Zoomdwergspanner (NL), Doubleday's pug (EN), L'Eupithécie de Cauchy (FR), Bergwald-Goldruten-Blütenspanner (DE)
First mention in Belgium
Fologne E. 1859a. Lépidoptères. Catalogue des Phalénidées. Deuxième partie. — Annales de la Société entomologique belge 3: 107–132. On page 112 (as E. Cauchyaria. Dup.). view page




Wingspan: c. 20–21 mm.

Museum specimens

Specimens in nature

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Egg laying on the underside of the leaf. The noctural larva lives freely on the leafs of the food plant and can be found at night on the basal leaves during August. The pupa hibernate once. Pupation occurs in the immediate vicinity of the food plant in a fairly solid cocoon on the surface of the earth.
Adults rest hidden during the day, usually close to the ground under leaves and later come to light.

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Flight periods

The adults are on the wing from May towards July.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Solidago virgaurea, Aster amellus and Aster linosyris

The larva feeds monophagous on Asteraceae like Solidaga virgaurea.

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It inhabits xerotherme places were the food plant is abundant.

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