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Eudemis porphyrana (Hübner, 1799) Species

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A widely distributed and fairly common species in Belgium.


Family: Tortricidae > Subfamily: Olethreutinae > Tribus: Olethreutini > Genus: Eudemis > Species: Eudemis porphyrana
Vernacular names
Schaduwfruitbladroller (NL)
First mention in Belgium
De Prins W. 1998. Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium. — Studiedocumenten Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen 92: 1–236. On page 93.




Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

Flight periods

The adults fly in one genertion a year; from mid June towards early September. They are active from evening onwards and later come to light.

Observed on

Host plant (genera):

The dark green larva lives in shoots and spun leaves, flowers and young fruits of Padus avium, Pyrus, Malus, Crataegus, Ribes etc... Occasionally found on Quercus and Salix caprea. Can be a pest of fruit trees. Pupation takes places in the larval feeding places or in edges of leaves.

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