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Enteucha acetosae (Stainton, 1854) Species

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Mentioned for the first time in Belgium (LG) in 2016.


Family: Nepticulidae > Subfamily: Nepticulinae > Tribus: Nepticulini > Genus: Enteucha > Species: Enteucha acetosae
Vernacular names
Zuringmineermot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
De Prins W., Steeman C. & Sierens T. 2016. Interessante waarnemingen van Lepidoptera in België in 2015 (Lepidoptera). — Phegea 44(): 50–62. On page 56. view page




The egg is deposited on the underside of the leaf usually close to a vein.

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The mine of this species is very characteristic, the initial gallery is circling around the egg-site before making a irregular gallery with a interrupted frass line. The leaf turns red in the surroundings of the mine.

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The cocoon is white.

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Flight periods

There are probably two generation a year in Belgium.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Rumex acetosa and Rumex acetosella

Different species of Rumex.

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