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Ectoedemia atricollis (Stainton, 1857) Species

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A common species in Belgium, recorded from all provinces.


Family: Nepticulidae > Genus: Ectoedemia > Species: Ectoedemia atricollis
Vernacular names
Zwartkopblaasmijnmot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
De Crombrugghe G. 1909. Observations microlépidoptérologiques faites en 1908. — Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 53: 44–47. On page 47. view page




The egg is deposited on the underside af the leaf.

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Mines of Ectoedemia atricollis are variable. It starts as a contorted gallery when the egg is laid away from the leafmargin. When close to the margin the gallery follows the margin for a while in the meanwhile the gallery widens into a elongated large blotch, the black frass is dispersed.

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It pupates in a black cocoon spun on or just below the soil surface.

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Flight periods

The adults fly in one generation a year during June.

Observed on

Host plant (genera):
Crataegus, Malus, Pyrus, Prunus and Mespilus

The larva lives on: Crataegus, Malus, Mespilus, Pyrus and Prunus.

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