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Coleophora solitariella Zeller, 1849 Species

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A rare species throughout Belgium, more distributed in the northern part of the country.


Family: Coleophoridae > Genus: Coleophora > Species: Coleophora solitariella
Vernacular names
Oranje muurkokermot (NL), Ochreous case-bearer (EN)
First mention in Belgium
Fologne E. 1860. Lépidoptères et chenilles observés en Belgique. — Annales de la Société entomologique belge 4: 108–112. On page 111. view page




The forewings are ochreous orange. The hind wings dark grey. The antennae are mostly entirely ringed.
Wingspan is about: 10,5–13 mm.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

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Full grown larvae live in a slender greyish white three-valved tubular silken case of 8 mm.
The mouth angle is about 45°.
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The larva, while feeding, creates little white fleck mines.

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The eggs are laid on the upper side of the food plant.
Full grown cases in May. Often several cases together on a small number of plants.
Pupation in the case attached to a stem of the food plant, vegetation or tree trunks.
It has not yet been recorded at light.

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Flight periods

The adults fly in one generation a year: from late May till the end of July.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Stellaria holostea
Host plant (genera):
Stellaria and Cerastium

In Belgium, the larva feeds preferably on Stellaria holostea.

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