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Coleophora idaeella Hofmann O., 1869 Species

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In Belgium this species was mentioned for the first time in 2009 and is, up to now, only found in LG.


Family: Coleophoridae > Genus: Coleophora > Species: Coleophora idaeella
Vernacular names
Vossenbeskokermot (NL), Scotch case-bearer (EN)
First mention in Belgium
De Prins W., Steeman C. & Sierens T. 2016. Interessante waarnemingen van Lepidoptera in België in 2015 (Lepidoptera). — Phegea 44(3): 50–62. On page 51. view page




Wingspan: 11–15 mm.
This species is monotonous brown-grey with somewhat darker wing tips.
The antennae are alternately ringed black white till the the tip.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

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The full-grown larva lives in a case, measuring 10–12 mm, that is composed of three leaf fragments.
The mouth angle is about 60°.
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The eggs are deposited in June or July.
The caterpillars make rather big reddish blotch mines and are fully grown in May after two years of development.
After overwintering, they keep on feeding till April or even May.
Although the cases are, prior to pupation, found at the underside of a leaf, the pupation of C. idaeella occurs mostly on the upper side of a leaf of the host plant.

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Flight periods

The adults fly in June.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Monophagous on Vaccinium vitis-idaea.

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