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Coleophora genistae Stainton, 1857 Species

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A very rare and local species in Belgium, only found in LI.


Family: Coleophoridae > Genus: Coleophora > Species: Coleophora genistae
Vernacular names
Stekelbremkokermot (NL), Petty-whin case-bearer (EN)
First mention in Belgium
Fologne E. 1862c. Notes sur quelques lépidoptères observés en Belgique. — Annales de la Société entomologique belge 6: 170–176. On page 174. view page




The forewings are brown, with a few lighter longitudinal lines.
Wingspan is 10,5–13 mm.
The antennae are ringed alternately black white till the tip.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature


Lobe case. Each lobe consists of a mined leaflet, therefore it has a rather whitish look. The mouth angle is between 20°–40°.
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The small leaves of the food plant are completely mined and become rather white. The caterpillars are fully grown in June. <br Pupation takes place low on the stem of the food plant.

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Flight periods

The adults are on the wing from late June till the whole of July.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Genista anglica
Host plant (genera):

Monophagous on Genista.

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