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Coleophora ahenella Heinemann, 1877 Species

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A rare species in Belgium, with most observations in the Kempen.


Family: Coleophoridae > Genus: Coleophora > Species: Coleophora ahenella
Vernacular names
Heksenmutskokermot (NL), Buckthorn case-bearer (EN), Hexenhut-Sackmotte (DE)
First mention in Belgium
De Crombrugghe G. 1908. Observations microlépidoptérologiques faites à Rochefort en 1907. — Revue mensuelle de la Société entomologique namuroise 8: 11–12. On page 12. view page




Wingspan: 9–13 mm.
This rather shiny Coleophora can have a forewing ground colour varying from grey to brownish-black. The antennae are ringed with alternating white and dark brown till the tip.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

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The fully developed lobe case is about 7 mm long. The mouth angle is 0°.
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The caterpillar makes a lot of small holes in one leaf. The case is gradually enlarged giving it a rough triangular view. The rings are cut out of the lower epidermis. The larva is fully developed in the autumn of the second year of its development. Hence, the larval stage lasts two years.

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Flight periods

From the end of May and especially the entire month of June.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Rhamnus cathartica
Host plant (genera):
Betula, Cornus, Lonicera, Viburnum, Alnus, Rubus, Symphoricarpos, Geum and Potentilla
Deciduous trees and Shrubs

The usual foodplant is Rhamnus cathartica but the species has also been found on Viburnum, Cornus, Lonicera, Betula, etc...

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This Coleophora can be found nearly everywhere.

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