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Agonopterix capreolella (Zeller, 1839) Species

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Mentioned only once in the Belgian entomological literature, without any locality or date. The presence of this species in Belgium is doubtful, though not impossible.


Family: Depressariidae > Subfamily: Depressariinae > Genus: Agonopterix > Species: Agonopterix capreolella
Vernacular names
Bevernelkaartmot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
De Crombrugghe G. 1906a. Catalogue raisonné des Microlépidoptères de Belgique. — Mémoires de la Société entomologique de Belgique XIII: 1–172; XIV: 1–155. On page 48.




The caterpillar lives in a rolled leave, preferably a basal leaf, less often among higher leaves.
Pupation amongst detritus.
The species hibernates in the adult stage. Adults have been observed flying during warm days in the sunshine.

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Flight periods

One generation a year: from August, hibernating till May of the next year.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Pimpinella saxifraga, Daucus carota and Sium latifolium

The main hostplant is Pimpinella saxifraga, but the species has been mentioned from some other foodplant species as well.

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Mainly in limestone areas.

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