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Melitaea phoebe (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) Species

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Once a very local species in the extreme south of Belgium. Now extinct in our country. Because there are some localized populations in Champagne-Ardenne (France) less than 50 kms from our border, there is always a rare possibility to see a vagrant.


Family: Nymphalidae > Subfamily: Melitaeinae > Tribus: Melitaeini > Genus: Melitaea > Species: Melitaea phoebe
Vernacular names
Knoopkruidparelmoervlinder (NL), Knapweed Fritillary (EN), Mélitée des centaurées (FR), Flockenblumen-Scheckenfalter (DE)
First mention in Belgium
Lambillion L.-J. 1906. Varia. — Revue mensuelle de la Société entomologique namuroise 6: 36, 40, 48. On page 40.




Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

Flight periods

The adults fly in one generation a year during June and July.

Observed on

Host plant (genera):

The larva lives on Centaurea, Cirsium arvense, Plantago etc... It hibernates as a third instar larva.

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