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Dahlica lichenella (Linnaeus, 1761) Species

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A very rare species in Belgium.


Family: Psychidae > Subfamily: Naryciinae > Tribus: Dahlicini > Genus: Dahlica > Species: Dahlica lichenella
Vernacular names
Algenzakdrager (NL), Algen-Zwerg-Sackträger (DE)
First mention in Belgium
De Crombrugghe G. 1907a. Observations sur quelques larves de microlépidoptères des environs de Bruxelles. — Revue mensuelle de la Société entomologique namuroise 7: 11–12. On page 12.




Parthenogenetic species, adult females are apterous. They can be distinguished from females of Dahlica triquetrella by the foreleg which in D. lichenella always has 4 tarsal segments, sometimes fused, whereas in D. triquetrella there are always 5 tarsal segments.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature


A cross-section of the case is round; this character distinguishes this species from Dahlica triquetrella in which the cross-section of the case has a triangular shape.

Flight periods

One generation a year: from March till April.

Observed on

Lichens, Mosses and Dead leaves

The larva lives on lichens and mosses growing on tree-trunks, rocks and old walls.

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Forests, gardens, and parks.

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