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Cydia nigricana (Fabricius, 1794) Species

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A fairly common species in the northern part of Belgium, much rarer in the south. Can be locally a pest on various Leguminosae, especially on cultivated peas.


Family: Tortricidae > Subfamily: Olethreutinae > Tribus: Grapholitini > Genus: Cydia > Species: Cydia nigricana
Vernacular names
Erwtenbladroller (NL), Pea Moth (EN), Erbsenwickler (DE)
First mention in Belgium
De Crombrugghe G. 1906a. Catalogue raisonné des Microlépidoptères de Belgique. — Mémoires de la Société entomologique de Belgique XIII: 1–172; XIV: 1–155. On page 138.




Wingspan: 11–16,5 mm.

Museum specimens

Specimens in nature



Flight periods

The adults fly between May and August, with the peak in May and June.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Pisum sativum
Host plant (genera):
Vicia and Lathyrus

The larvae living on Pisum sativum.

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The larvae living in a pod of the food plant, feeding on the green peas. They move from seed to seed, often uniting two together with a silken web. When it's fully fed, it cuts a hole in the side of the pod and drops to the ground. Here it constructs a cocoon in the soil where it hibernates.
They are active during afternoon sunshine and as well at dusk and night when they come occasionally to light.

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