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Cydia pactolana (Zeller, 1840) Species

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A very rare and local species in Belgium.


Family: Tortricidae > Subfamily: Olethreutinae > Tribus: Grapholitini > Genus: Cydia > Species: Cydia pactolana
Vernacular names
C-spiegelmot (NL)
Cydia pinetana (Schläger, 1847)
First mention in Belgium
De Fré Ch. 1858. Catalogue des Microlépidoptères de la Belgique. — Annales de la Société entomologique belge 2: 45–162. On page 88.




Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

Flight periods

The adults fly in May and June. During the day, they rest on the lower branches or trunk of the tree and becoming active after sunset. They come to light.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Picea abies
Host plant (genera):
Picea and Larix

The larva feeds and tunnelling in the bark of Picea and rarer in Larix and constructing a silk-lined gallery. The full-grown larva hibernates and pupate in the larval habitation in a silken cocoon.

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