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Cosmopterix scribaiella Zeller, 1850 Species

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First observation in Belgium in 1993 in AN. A not so common species in many parts of our country.


Family: Cosmopterigidae > Subfamily: Cosmopteriginae > Genus: Cosmopterix > Species: Cosmopterix scribaiella
Vernacular names
Zwarte rietprachtmot (NL), Scribas Schilf-Prachtfalter (DE)
First mention in Belgium
De Prins W. 1996. Enkele nieuwe en interessante soorten Microlepidoptera voor de Belgische fauna (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae, Yponomeutidae, Coleophoridae, Gelechiidae). — Phegea 24: 137–140. On page 125. view page




A short, straight gallery, later widening to an irregular blotch. The frass is concentrated at the beginning of the mine, though some frass is ejected as well.
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The larva constructs a silken tube inside the mine in which it retracts to rest between feeding periods or where it hides. The species hibernates in the larval stage inside the mine.
Pupation in the mine at the narrow part of the mine.
The adults fly around the foodplant at dusk and later come to light.

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Flight periods

One generation a year: June till the end of October.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Phragmites australis

Monophagous on Phragmites australis.

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Rather dry situations where the foodplant grows.

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