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Pristerognatha penthinana (Guenée, 1845) Species

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A very rare species in Belgium, not seen for a very long time.


Family: Tortricidae > Subfamily: Olethreutinae > Tribus: Olethreutini > Genus: Pristerognatha > Species: Pristerognatha penthinana
Vernacular names
Lichte springzaadbladroller (NL)
First mention in Belgium
De Crombrugghe G. 1902b. Note sur quelques Microlépidoptères de la faune belge. — Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 46: 481–483. On page 481.




Wingspan 14–16 mm. The moderately conspicuous whitish antemedian patch on the dorsum, the small but distinct whitish postmedian spot only a little below the costa and the characteristic prominent pale yellow tornal spot distinguish this species.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

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The caterpillars only inhabit the lowest stalk link between the root and the lowest stalk node.

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Flight periods

Two generations a year from April towards June and in August.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Impatiens noli-tangere

The larva lives on Impatiens noli-tangere.

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It inhabits marshes and riverbanks.

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