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Phiaris umbrosana (Freyer, 1842) Species

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A very rare and seldom recorded species in the southern part of Belgium.


Family: Tortricidae > Subfamily: Olethreutinae > Tribus: Olethreutini > Genus: Phiaris > Species: Phiaris umbrosana
Vernacular names
Kalklijnbladroller (NL), Minzen-Knospenwickler (DE)
First mention in Belgium
Lambillion L.-J. 1904b. Varia — Revue mensuelle de la Société entomologique namuroise 4: 15–16, 35–36, 44, 52. On page 15.




Wingspan 18–20 mm; Often confused with Celypha lacunana, the best for identification is to check the genitalia.
Inner 2/3 of the front wing yellow-brown with a black drawing and with a wide light cross band that protrudes in the middle of the wing. Outer 1/3 greyish white with brown and black spots. The large brown spot from the outer edge tapers off at a point.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

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The larva lives between intertwined leaves on the food plant. Pupation on the larval food plant.

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Flight periods

The adults fly in two generations a year from mid-May towards August.

Observed on

Host plant (genera):
Mentha and Stellaria
Herbaceous plants

The polyphagous larva lives on low plants with a preference for Mentha, but this questionable because the biology is largely unknown.

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It prefers usually moist places.

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