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Periclepsis cinctana (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) Species

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A very rare species Belgium. Found in the Kempen and in the southern areas, especially on limestone, where they can be numerous locally.


Family: Tortricidae > Subfamily: Tortricinae > Tribus: Ramapesiini > Genus: Periclepsis > Species: Periclepsis cinctana
Vernacular names
Prinsesbladroller (NL), Braunweißer (DE)
First mention in Belgium
De Fré Ch. 1858. Catalogue des Microlépidoptères de la Belgique. — Annales de la Société entomologique belge 2: 45–162. On page 69.




Wingspan: 16–20 mm.

Museum specimens

Specimens in nature


The larva hibernates.
The moths are active during the day in bright sunshine but also come to light.

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Flight periods

The adults have been observed from late April till the beginning of July.

Observed on

Host plant (genera):
Lotus, Genista, Cytisus and Anthyllis

The larva feeds in a tubular silken gallery on: Anthyllis, Lotus, Genista and Cytisus.

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