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Nymphalis polychloros (Linnaeus, 1758) Species

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A scarce species in Belgium. It used to be more rare in the north of the country but it has increased since the 2010's and can now be observed all over the country again. It is still more commonly observed in the southern part however.


Family: Nymphalidae > Subfamily: Nymphalinae > Tribus: Nymphalini > Genus: Nymphalis > Species: Nymphalis polychloros
Vernacular names
Grote vos (NL), Large Tortoiseshell (EN), Grande Tortue (FR), Großer Fuchs (DE)
First mention in Belgium
De Sélys-Longchamps E. 1837. Catalogue des Lépidoptères ou Papillons de la Belgique, précédé du tableau des Libellulines de ce pays. — — : 1–29. On page 18.




Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature


Flight periods

The adults fly from the end of June till early May of the next year. They hibernate (see More pictures) and can wake up during warm, sunny weather already from mid February.

Observed on

Host plant (genera):
Ulmus, Populus and Salix

The larva lives on different species of deciduous trees and shrubs, like Ulmus, Salix, Populus, Quercus and Prunus.

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