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Mompha ochraceella (Curtis, 1839) Species

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A fairly common species in the northern part of Belgium, much rarer in the southern part.


Family: Momphidae > Genus: Mompha > Subgenus: Mompha > Species: Mompha ochraceella
Vernacular names
Gele wilgenroosjesmot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
Janmoulle E. 1947e. Remarques sur la faune belge. — Lambillionea 47(9–10): 74–75. On page 75.




Wingspab is about: 14–16 mm.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature


The young larva lives under the bark of the stem, causing irregular galleries. Later instars make blotch mines in the lower leaves.
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Pale ochreous.

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The larva first lives as a miner in the stem of the foodplant. It moves into the roots just before winter and hibernates there. In spring it returns to the stem where it makes galleries in the lower portion and it also mines the leaves.
When full-grown it pupates in the final mine in a pale ochreous cocoon.
The species hibernates in the larval stage.
Adults hide during daytime. They become active at night and come to light.

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Flight periods

One generation a year: from late May till early August.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Epilobium hirsutum

Monophagous on Epilobium ssp.

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Preferably in damp situations, banks of rivers, ditches.

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