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Diplopseustis perieresalis (Walker, 1859) Species

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This South-East Asia species (Japan, China, Malaysia towards New Zealand and Australia) was discovered for the first time in Europe during 2000.
In 2007 the first observation for Belgium became known (WV), since then, this adventive species spread out and few observations became known. It's possible that the species might be established after its initial introduction.
Hitherto a very rare species in the northern part of Belgium.


Family: Crambidae > Subfamily: Lathrotelinae > Genus: Diplopseustis > Species: Diplopseustis perieresalis
Vernacular names
Zwerfsnuitmot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
Muus T. S. T. & Wullaert S. 2008. Diplopseustis perieresalis, a tropical species, new to the Belgian fauna (Lepidoptera: Crambidae). — Phegea 36(1): 25–27. On page 25. view page

Invasive In Belgium since August 2007.

This Oriental and Australasian species was probably imported into Europe by sea or air transport, firstly to Portugal where in 2000 the first specimens were recorded. From there, the species spread to several European countries. First Belgian record: Wielsbeke (OV), 2007-08-13, leg. S. Wullaert.



Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature

Flight periods

Little is known about the life cycle. The supposed hostplant is Carex.

Observed on

Host plant (genera):
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