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Calamotropha paludella (Hübner, 1824) Species

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A locally fairly common species. It occurs in wet biotopes where the larval foodplant grows.


Family: Crambidae > Subfamily: Crambinae > Tribus: Calamotrophini > Genus: Calamotropha > Species: Calamotropha paludella
Vernacular names
Lisdoddesnuitmot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
Dufrane A. 1925. Microlépidoptères nouveaux pour la faune belge. — Revue mensuelle de la Société entomologique namuroise 25: 50–52. On page 50.




Museum specimens

Specimens in nature


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The young larva makes a mine in the lower part of a leaf. After hibernation, it feeds in a dead stem, sometimes gregariously. Pupation takes place in the mined stem.

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Flight periods

The adults fly from the end of June till the end of August. When conditions are right, small numbers can be observed until late in October. They fly at dusk and come to light.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Typha latifolia

The young larva feeds on Typha latifolia, or occasionally T. angustifolia.

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