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Roeslerstammia erxlebella (Fabricius, 1787) Species

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A local and rare species in Belgium, seldom recorded. Hitherto found recently in 5 provinces.


Family: Roeslerstammiidae > Genus: Roeslerstammia > Species: Roeslerstammia erxlebella
Vernacular names
Haagrolmot (NL)
First mention in Belgium
De Crombrugghe G. 1902a. Note sur quelques Microlépidoptères nouvellement observés en Belgique. — Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 46: 57–58. On page 58.




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Flight periods

The adults fly in two generations in May and June and again during August and September.

Observed on

Host plant (species):
Tilia cordata
Host plant (genera):
Tilia and Betula

The larva feed on Tilia cordata, Tilia x vulgaris, Acer pseudoplatanus and sometimes Betula species; They mine the leaves of their host plant. The mine consist of a short, irregular, full depth coridor, which is always located at the leaf margin and generally in the tip of the leaf, the frass broadly scattered. The older larva lives free on the leaf.

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