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Prodoxidae Riley, 1881 Family

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The family Prodoxidae is mainly distributed in the Holarctic region, but has also members in southern Argentina and Chile. Globally, 98 species have been described (van Nieukerken E. J., Kaila L., Kitching I. J., Kristensen N. P. (...) Yakovlev R. V., Zolotuhin V. V. & Zwick A. 2011: 213) of which there are only a few species in Europe.


Family: Prodoxidae
Vernacular names
Yuccamotten (NL), Yucca moths (EN), Rosen-Blattsackmotten, Yuccamotten (DE)
Species in Belgium

Direct lower taxa

Seq. # Name Vernacular names

Lamproniinae Meyrick, 1917

Seq. # Name Vernacular names

Lampronia Stephens, 1829

Species in Belgium

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