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Zygaenidae Latreille, 1809 Family

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Zygaenidae includes about 1,100 described species. They are represented in all zoogeographical regions. Most species occur in the tropics, but the family is well represented in the Palaearctic region (van Nieukerken E. J., Kaila L., Kitching I. J., Kristensen N. P. (...) Yakovlev R. V., Zolotuhin V. V. & Zwick A. 2011: 216).


Family: Zygaenidae
Vernacular names
Bloeddrupjes (NL), Forester and burnet moths (EN)
Species in Belgium

Direct lower taxa

Seq. # Name Vernacular names

Procridinae Boisduval, 1828


Zygaeninae Latreille, 1809

Species in Belgium

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