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Elachistidae Bruand, 1851 Family

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Although the family is worldwide distributed, it is mainly represented in the northern hemisphere, with about 400 species (van Nieukerken E. J., Kaila L., Kitching I. J., Kristensen N. P. (...) Yakovlev R. V., Zolotuhin V. V. & Zwick A. 2011: 215). Most species of the large genus Elachista are leafminers in grasses.


Family: Elachistidae
Vernacular names
Grasmineermotten (NL), Grass-miner moths (EN)
Species in Belgium

Direct lower taxa

Seq. # Name Vernacular names

Elachistinae Bruand, 1850


Parametriotinae Căpuşe, 1971

Species in Belgium

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