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Epicallima formosella (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) Species

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Very local and very rare in Belgium, only recorded from a few provinces, mainly in the northeastern part of the country.


Family: Oecophoridae > Subfamily: Oecophorinae > Genus: Epicallima > Species: Epicallima formosella
Vernacular names
Appelmolmboorder (NL)
First mention in Belgium
Janmoulle E. 1959a. Espèces nouvelles pour la faune belge (suite). — Lambillionea 59: 2, 21–22, 69–70. On page 2.




Head dark golden ochreous to brownish, conspicuous labial palpi turned upright, the last thin segment pure white; forewing ground colour golden ochreous with two costal and two dorsal white striae, sometimes edged with dark brown or black scales; the basal costal stria not reaching the costa. The area between these striae warm reddish brown. A small brownish patch on the costa just before the apex.

Museum specimens

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Specimens in nature


Light grey, a fine dorsal line and two black spots on the first abdominal segment.

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A flimsy cocoon spun in the larval feeding place.

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The caterpillar hides under the dead bark of old trees where it spins a silken tube in which frass is used. This species hibernates in the larval stage. It feeds from September to April.
Pupation takes place in early spring.
The adults rest during the day on tree trunks, they come to light.

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Flight periods

One generation a year from mid June till early September.

Observed on

Dead wood

The larva lives on decaying wood of several deciduous tree species, like: Aesculus, Betula, Juglans, Malus, Populus, Prunus, Quercus, Robinia, Salix and Sorbus.

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