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Some statistics on this dataset :
Specimens : 23300
Families : 3
Genera : 198
Species : 1266
Photos : 2480
Locations : 6308
Last update : 2009-05-26

Rubiaceae, Balsaminaceae and Orchidaceae from the Albertine Rift

A queryable website on taxon and specimen information

By Piet Stoffelen, Natacha Beau, Ferdinand Niyongabo, Bart Wursten, Tariq Stévart, Daniel Geerink, Candide Muhongere & Steven Dessein. With technical assistance of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform.

This portal is the result of the digitalisation of reference collections of plant material from Central Africa (DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi). Digitizing specimen information is the first crucial step in the realisation of a widely accessible ‘working list of known plant species’ for this region and is an important tool for repatriation of knowledge to the countries of origin. In this first stage, we focussed on three families: Rubiaceae, Balsaminaceae and Orchidaceae. The three families account for more than 10% of the plant diversity of Central Africa and represent a high scientific and economic value.

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