Muridae ›› Mastomys natalensis [RMCA 96.036-M-0310]


Family: Muridae Genus: Mastomys Species: Mastomys natalensis
Determination: Mastomys natalensis
Determinator(s): Verheyen W.
Determination year: 1995
Determination accur.: world expert in the taxa with high certainty

Specimen Information

Specimen number: RMCA 96.036-M-0310
Field number: 508
Type: -
State: alcohol, skull
Collector(s): Michiels
Collection date: 1986-06-04
Trap method: -
Disposition: missing
Basis of record: preserved specimen
Sex: male
Sexual condition: scrotal testes, epidydymis visible
Lifestage: -

Distribution & Ecology

Locality: Dakawa
Country: Tanzania
Altitude: -
Latitude: -6.5
Longitude: 37.6333333333
Habitat(s): grassland
Extra habitat info: -



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Weight: 28.6 g
m2: 24.40 mm
m9: 13.00 mm
m20: 11.35 mm
m21: 1.20 mm
hb: 103.00 mm
tl: 101.00 mm
hf: 21.00 mm
el: 17.40 mm
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DNA Sequences

No sequences available.

Tests & Tissues

Tested on: no tests available.
Tissue samples: no tissue samples available.