Some statistics on the data of the database
specimens: 117267
families: 20
genera: 103
species: 378
measurements: 1022832
sequences: 2012
photos: 2526
localities: 4391
last update: 13/09/2019
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Welcome to African Mammalia website

The availability of online databases has become key in the advancement of taxonomy and conservation biology. Because of its proven utility for the diffusion of data on African rodents the taxonomical range of the African Rodentia database was expanded in 2019 to include all African mammal orders.

African Mammalia brings together the extensive specimen and tissue collections of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA), the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) and the University of Antwerpen (UAntwerpen) providing taxonomical, ecological, geographical and genetic information, as well as measurements and data on parasitic and viral infections. Like its predecessor, African Mammalia maximizes its effectiveness by allowing users to query all fields, so not only on species names, but also on the collector, the locality, date of collecting, habitat, type of infection, availability of measurements, morphological and DNA sequence information. These same reasons that set apart African Rodentia from GBIF and other global databases, will allow African Mammalia to become an important reference for scientists working on African mammals.

The website provides an advanced search function, which allows you to access all the information we have about every specimen, family, genus and species in our database. For most of the species, detailed information such as photos, original species descriptions and literature is available as well.

All the specimen information can be exported.

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