Mastomys natalensis (Smith, 1834)

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Family: Muridae Genus: Mastomys
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species description
Reference: S. Afr. Quart. J., ser. 2, 2: 156

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0.6 MB Fadda C., Castiglia R., Colangelo P., Corti M., Machang’u R., Makundi R., Scanzani A., Tesha P., Verheyen W. and Capanna E. (2001). The Rodent fauna of Tanzania : A cytotaxonomic report from the Maasai Steppe (1999). Rend. Fis. Acc. Lincei 12(9): 29–49.
0.3 MB Julliard R., Leirs H., Stenseth N.C., Yoccoz N.G., Prévôt-Julliard A. C., Verhagen R., Verheyen W. (1999) Survival variation within and between functional categories of the African multimammate rat. Journal of Animal Ecology, 68: 550-561
1.8 MB Leirs H., Verheyen W., Michiels M., Verhagen R. and Stuyck J. (1989). The relation between rainfall and the breeding season of Mastomys natalensis (Smith, 1834) in Morogoro, Tanzania. Annales de la Société royale Zoologique de Belgique, 119 (1):59-64.
3.4 MB Leirs H., Stuyck J., Verhagen R. and Verheyen W. (1990) Seasonal variation in growth of Mastomys natalensis (Rodentia : Muridae) in Morogoro, Tanzania. African Journal of Ecology, 28: 298-306.
3.6 MB Leirs H., Verhagen R., Verheyen W. (1993) Productivity of different generations in a population of Mastomys natalensis rats in Tanzania. Oikos: a journal of ecology = Acta oecologica Scandinavica, 68 (1): 53-60
2.9 MB Leirs H., Verheyen W., Verhagen R. (1996) Spatial patterns in Mastomys natalensis rats in Tanzania. Mammalia: morphologie, biologie, systématique des mammifères, 60: 545-555
0.3 MB Leirs H., Stenseth N.C., Nichols J.D., Hines J.E., Verhagen R., Verheyen W. (1997) Stochastic seasonality and nonlinear density-dependent factors regulate population size in an African rodent. Nature, 389, 176-180
3.0 MB Leirs H., Verhagen R., Sabuni C.A., Mwanjabe P., Verheyen W. (1997b) Spatial dynamics of Mastomys natalensis in a field-fallow mosaic in Tanzania. Belgian Journal of Zoology, 127 (suppl): 19-28
0.5 MB Lima M., Stenseth N.C., Leirs H., Jaksic F.M. (2003) Population dynamics of small mammals in semiarid regions: a comparative study of within-year demographic variability in two rodent species. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: biological sciences, 270 B:1997-2007
0.7 MB Massawe A. W., Rwamugira W., Leirs H., Makundi R. H., Mulungu L. S. (2007) Do farming practices influence population dynamics of rodents? A case study of the multimammate field rats, Mastomys natalensis, in Tanzania. Afr. J. Ecol., 45, 293-401
0.2 MB Massawe A. W., Rwamugira W., Leirs H., Makundi R. H., Mulungu L. S. (2005) Influence of land preparation methods and vegetation cover on population abundance of Mastomys natalensis in Morogoro, Tanzania. Belgian Journal of Zoology, 135(suppl.): 187-190
0.2 MB Mohr K., Vibe-Petersen S., Jeppesen L.L., Bildsøe M., Leirs H. (2003) Foraging of multimammate rats (Mastomys natalensis) under different predation pressure: cover, patch-dependent decisions and density-dependent GUDs. Oikos, 100: 459-468
0.3 MB Mulungu L. S., Makundi R. H., Massawe A. W., Machang'u R. S., Ngowo V., Leirs H. (2005) Spatial patterns and distribution of damage in maize fields due to Mastomys natalensis in Tanzania. Belgian Journal of Zoology, 135 (Suppl.): 183-185
0.2 MB Ngowo V., Mulungu L. S., Lodal J., Makundi R. H., Massawe A. W., Leirs H. (2005) Evaluation of thiram and cinnamamide for protection of maize seeds against multimammate mice, Mastomys natalensis, in Tanzania. Belgian Journal of Zoology, 135 (Suppl.): 179-181
0.3 MB Odhiambo R., Makundi R., Leirs H., Verhagen R. (2005) Community structure and seasonal abundance of rodents of maize farms in Southwestern Tanzania. Belgian Journal of Zoology, 135 (Suppl.): 113-118
0.2 MB Vibe-Petersen S., Leirs H., de Bruyn L. (2006) Effects of predation and dispersal on Mastomys natalensis population dynamics in Tanzanian maize fields. Journal of Animal Ecology, 75(1): 213-220
0.1 MB Massawe A.W., Leirs H., Rwamugira W.P., Makundi R.H. (2002) Effect of land preparatrion methods on spatial distribution of rodents in crop fields.- In: Rats, mice and people: rodent biology and management / Singleton G.R. [edit.], e.a., Canberra, Australian Center for International Agricultural Research, 229-232

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